Florencio Mazzold
Head of Digital Technology
2024 Speaker

Florencio Mazzoldi is a technology executive who has led digital transformations in several industries. Since 2018, Mazzoldi has been running Digital Technologies at Ginkgo Bioworks, a biotechnology company that designs and engineers microbes for various applications, from food and fragrance to pharmaceuticals and agriculture. 

Before joining Ginkgo Bioworks, Mazzoldi launched the engineering team for Autodesk Life Sciences, where he was responsible for building and scaling design software products for the life sciences industry. Before that, he held technology leadership roles in several organizations, including Ceridian, UnitedHealth Group and GMAC RFC/Rescap. Mazzoldi holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from Universidad de Buenos Aires and a master's degree in computer science and business from Carnegie Mellon University.