2024 Planning, Visioning Processes 

Since the end of the spring semester, the CWA board has engaged in important transitional work on two parallel paths: 1) beginning the planning process for the next CWA in April 2024, and 2) launching a visioning process that will build on previous work to solidify the future of the conference in 2025 and beyond.

With these parallel processes in mind, the CWA board will remain largely intact for the coming planning cycle to ensure continuity and build momentum as the planning and visioning processes proceed. Board transitions will begin, based on the outcome of the visioning process beginning this summer, after the conference concludes in April 2024. A list of current CWA board members is available on the website here.

Visioning Process Overview, Invitation to Listening Sessions

The visioning process, at the direction of Chancellor DiStefano and facilitated by CU Boulder Chief Communications Officer Jon Leslie, is kicking off this month with the formation of a community/university taskforce and a series of campus and community input sessions beginning in early August. 

The taskforce will include representatives from the community, faculty, staff, student body and CU Boulder, with a charge to engage key campus and community stakeholders in developing and sharing recommendations for future models for the conference that deepen campus community engagement in CWA and reinforce our commitment to being a great partner with the surrounding community of Boulder.

The visioning process will also explore opportunities to deepen collaborations with other signature annual campus events and programs to enhance overall visibility, engagement and positive impact on campus, community and broader stakeholder groups, while maintaining CWA’s unique character, identity and mission.

Anticipated Timeline 

  • Complete: Late April/early May: Survey of 2023 attendees and speakers for feedback 

  • June: Nominations and selection of task force membership, in consultation with the CWA board

  • July-August: Taskforce members invited; taskforce convenes and begins visioning process, including summer listening sessions and initial recommendation development

  • September-October: Engagement opportunities to vet ideas and collect feedback on proposed CWA approaches

  • November/December: Recommendation(s) finalized and delivered to Chancellor

  • Spring 2024: Chancellor decision on next steps expected in advance of CWA 2024 during the Spring semester; announcement timing TBD in coordination with CWA 2024 planning and promotion efforts

Share your thoughts with us!

We would love feedback from CU students, staff, faculty, and our surrounding community on your CWA experience and thoughts on the future. Please click the following link to the survey to give your feedback to our team.  

Visioning Survey: https://cuboulder.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_08LDcLnCIJKTkqO