CEO, IncOperate
2021 Speaker • 2022 Speaker

Bozeman, Montana

Asher Jay is an international adventurer and public figure whose compelling paintings, sculptures, installations, animations, ad campaigns and films have a single purpose: to incite global action on behalf of wildlife conservation. 

Her travels to the frontline have made her witness and story-teller, combating illegal wildlife trafficking, promoting habitat sanctuaries and illuminating humanitarian emergencies. Her core message, again and again, is biodiversity loss during the Anthropocene, the Age of Man.    

Jay’s laterally associative vision delivers on a client’s commitment to offer service while ensuring a healthy planet and a collective wild future. Harnessing the arts to address simple disconnects that prevent individuals from understanding the complexity of the whole, her work is the nexus of storytelling, marketing, public relations, corporate social responsibility, nonprofit impact and philanthropy. Her background in fashion design and development, marketing and merchandising and being the managing director of a company that managed both production lines and large-scale factory planning has equipped her with both business acumen and genuine immersion into the corporate world. 

Much of her best-known work spotlights the illegal ivory trade. Recently, Jay opened two permanent exhibits at National Geographic Encounter in New York’s Times Square:  a large-scale, wall-mounted installation entitled, “Piece of the Planet” and an immersive, soundscaped installation called “Message in a Bottle.” 

From big name brands like Prada, Biotherm and Adidas to well known nonprofit organizations like WWF, Business for Social Responsibility and National Geographic Society, she is fluent in sensorially evocative visual discourse that transcends normative communication barriers.