Published: Aug. 10, 2020

InstaThe University of Colorado Boulder Conference on World Affairs (CWA) will host a virtual event September 10-11, featuring 8 sessions over 2 days. Event Themes include “Leadership” (September 10) and “Human Connection” (September 11).

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The event is presented by the CWA fall student steering committee with mentorship by CWA’s community volunteers. The event is free and open to the public.

“Since CWA 2020 had to be made drastically smaller due to COVID-19, we didn't want people to have to wait until the 2021 conference in order to get the CWA experience they look forward to,” said Lauren Daniels, CWA Student Program Chair. “We hope this event is also a great way to enhance the CU student experience this fall by offering a safe, socially-distanced way to get involved and to learn new things.”

The event themes, sessions, and speakers were chosen by CU Boulder students in order to reflect what the student body finds most relevant and valuable. Their additional hope is that the event provides a professional development opportunity with exposure to different career paths along with opportunities for networking.

Themes: Leadership & Human Connection

“The CWA student body all sat down together and came to a consensus that we needed themes that would allow people to walk away from the fall event with fresh new ideas and perspectives that could be applied to their everyday lives,” said Katarina Kotarski, CWA Student Volunteer Coordinator & Fall Student Program Chair. “Right now with the situation the world finds itself in, we believed human connection and leadership were urgent topics that could help students and community members to navigate this difficult time.”

“Leadership is something students know is essential to our individual success and to keep the world running, yet it is often not taught in classes. Students turn to extracurricular activities like CWA for leadership opportunities. Our goal is to get students thinking about leadership and to spark conversations that will impact more than just the students who attend,” said Daniels.

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