Published: June 26, 2018


Margaret Hollingsworth and Laurie Hathorn

The 2019 CWA Community Chair term has begun and the responsibilities of the role will be shared between Margaret Hollingsworth (who will serve as CWA Program committee Chair/Community Vice-Chair) and Laurie Hathorn (serving as CWA Community Chair, previously CWA Community Vice-Chair). They will oversee the CWA Program committee and assist with conference planning.

Dr. Hollingsworth first joined CWA as a member of the Science and Tech committee in 2016. Prior to retiring in 2016, she was a faculty member in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University at Buffalo. In 2017, she served as a Community Co-Chair on the CWA Science and Tech committee and was a member of the Producer committee for CWA's 70th conference in 2018. Dr. Hollingsworth serves as a volunteer in several other organizations in Boulder County, including 500 Women Scientists and Reading to End Racism.

Hathorn began volunteering with the conference in 2015, serving on the Business and Arts subcommittees, the Housing committee, and currently serves as a member of the Business Planning committee. She is a former entrepreneur with businesses in New York City and now resides in Boulder spending her time supporting and volunteering with local organizations. Hathorn is a mentor for CU Boulder students in the Leeds School of Business and is establishing an endowment for flute student success at the CU Boulder College of Music.

“I’d first like to thank Betsy Hand for her generous, creative, dedicated, and very successful two years of service as CWA Community Chair," said John Griffin, CWA Faculty Director. "She did a wonderful job, and I’m so pleased that she will remain involved on the CWA Arts committee, one of our 2019 Theme committees, and on our Fundraising committee."

"Next, I want to warmly welcome Margaret and Laurie to their new roles. I very much look forward to working in partnership with them over the coming year and have every confidence given their combined experience and talents that they will be tremendously successful in their roles.”

Hathorn will also serve on the CWA Board, along with new members Emily Volk (CU student and CWA Arts committee Student Chair), Bruce Fredrickson (CWA Business Committee Co-Chair), and Shelly Miller (CU Boulder faculty member in the School of Engineering).

For a complete list of board members and information on the CWA governance structure, visit the CWA Board webpage.