Installation view of large curved walls

Installation view of the exhibition Metaphorming Nature, in the CU Art Museum, on view August 30 – December 20, 2014, Photo: Jeff Wells, © CU Art Museum, University of Colorado Boulder

Metaphorming Nature: Connecting Human/Nature’s Creative Potential

September 6–December 20, 2014

Todd Siler’s large-scale installation Metaphorming Nature features a selection of artworks that interpret  what nature makes and what we make of nature. An installation replicates the limbic system—the heart of the human brain—where intuitions, feelings and emotions are integrated and interpreted. Wrapping around curved walls for over 100 feet, Thought Assemblies explores the world of real and imaginary structures generated by the billions of neurons that make up the brain’s creative engine of innovation. The immersive environment presents a mosaic of interrelated paintings, sculptures, drawings and photomontages produced over the last four decades.

This exhibition was generously supported in part by the HBB Foundation, CU Art Museum benefactors and members, and CU-Boulder Student Arts and Cultural Enrichment fees.