clothing and a screen hung on a wall as a part of an installation

Installation view of the exhibition Figure/Object. Time/Place.: Fall 2013 MFA, in the CU Art Museum, on view Nov. 9 - Nov 21, 2013, Photo © CU Art Museum, University of Colorado Boulder

Figure/Object. Time/Place. Fall 2013 MFA Exhibition

November 9–21, 2013

About the artists:

Ashley Jonas is a collector of objects and experiences. Through a sensitive and accepting handling of materials, the works become souvenirs of, and portals to, recollections of tender, peculiar, honest and personal moments in one’s life.

Arthaya Nootecharas’ work is about reconstructing the past and reenacting the memories of her life, from her childhood to the present. Being raised in a different culture and cultural environment, she explores her own personal emotions of loss, longing and the unknown of the future.

Julie Rooney presents video, musical and sculptural elements of The Split Wild, a contemporary trans-media opera of her creation. The Split Wild tells the story of four characters—Bobcat, Otter, Rabbit and Bear—as they struggle with their relationships and dualities within themselves. In an emotional and powerful combination, each character in the opera is played by two people on stage—one musician and one dancer each. Projected images, characters within videos, costuming, animal imagery and moving set pieces enhance the innovative classical music score and help bring to life a narrative that blurs the distinction between individualism, humanity and The Wild.

Clarissa Rose Peppers utilizes the moving image to explore the body as the root for extraordinary discoveries. Clarissa’s work investigates the relationship between body, mind and social norms. She represents the human body’s ability to cause burden and distress but attempts to lift this negativity through humor and absurdity.

Technological advancements in communication and transportation have ushered in an era of globalization that is unprecedented in human history. Visual art, in particular, is on the forefront of transcribing global movements in culture. Michael Holmes uses the theme of global mobility as the basis for his mixed media print and collage work.

Rachel Eng. Stimulate senses, fill underneath. Sift over dreams and imagine their reality. Explore the details, then zoom out to the whole, imagine how something that you cannot touch feels. Be repulsed or attracted and ask why. From the minute to the massive, consider the relationships between all life forms and their environments and how their actions affect the other. Notice the complexity in confined moments.