Two women standing amidst many artworks in files and on top of filing cabinets within the CU Art Museum vault.

CU Art Museum Sharkive Collection. Photo by Patrick Campbell, CU Senior Staff Photographer, © CU Art Museum.

Onward and Upward: Shark's Ink

September 6, 2022–July 15, 2023

This exhibition celebrates the “Sharkive,” a collection that includes editioned prints, production materials (drawings, mylars and proofs), and shop correspondence and records from Shark’s Ink, a print publisher and lithography studio directed by Bud Shark in Lyons, Colorado.  Over its 46-year history, Shark’s Ink has foregrounded collaborative printmaking, working with over 106 artists from the US and Europe. Shark’s innovative productions capture each artist’s distinctive style, earning Shark and his studio an international reputation. The CU Art Museum is pleased to showcase the Sharkive with a selection of over 50 prints and related production materials.

The CU Art Museum acquired the Sharkive in 2018 through a partnership with the Sharks and the Kemper Family Foundations, UMB Bank Trustee, ensuring its long-term preservation as a learning resource for our students.