Installation image

Installation view of OBJECT:COLOR, on view March—September, 2019. Photos: Jeff Wells / CU Art Museum.

March—October, 2019

OBJECT:COLOR brings together seven artists’ works that are unified by the use of basic compositional elements—line, shape, and color—to influence the viewer’s experience of the artworks’ physical limits and their relationship to surrounding space. These artworks pay attention to elements and materials of composition that are often taken for granted and highlight the importance that artists give to their materials. These artworks require interaction. Whether in the act of turning the page, assembling the work according to instructions, or encountering the works’ individual relation to the things around them, the viewer is called to participate in their completion. 

OBJECT:COLOR was curated by Eduardo Bello, Sean Bray, Justin Harris, Nina Melovska, Joseph Steele and Seth Thomas, students in a graduate seminar on concrete poetry and concrete art instructed by Professor Patrick Greaney.