Strategic Plan for academic years 2019/20, 2020/21, 2021/22

Our strategic plan identifies these three vision areas:

Our research vision: The CU Art Museum creates scholarship, exhibitions and programming by identifying and leveraging collection strengths and the research and creative work of faculty, students and staff at CU Boulder. Our strengths include: 

  • A collection of artworks that generates interdisciplinary knowledge and serves as an integration point for research and collections on campus. Artworks on paper form the backbone of our collection and provide historical and contemporary perspectives that facilitate interdisciplinary research. 

  • Exhibitions and public programs that engage with campus research and provide opportunities for the production of scholarship and creative works.  

  • Museum professionals who support faculty and student arts-inspired research and creative works, and who generate museum-based scholarship that enhances national visibility. 


Our education vision: The CU Art Museum fosters an interdisciplinary, student-centered approach to learning through our collections, exhibitions and educational programming. The museum inspires cultural awareness, diversity, inclusiveness and a spirit of entrepreneurship, creating lifelong cultural advocates. Our strengths include: 

  • Object-based learning for students that connects artworks to campus curricula and promotes skills in close looking and critical thinking. Artworks studied are diverse in cultural, geographic and temporal origin. 

  • Professional development opportunities that prepare students through student exhibits; student curation; internships and student employment; informal engagement; and research opportunities. 


Our community vision: The CU Art Museum is a key partner and cultural resource for our community, reinforcing the social fabric of CU Boulder and the greater Boulder area. Our strengths include:  

  • Exhibits and programming that facilitate interaction and create opportunities that inspire and engage.   

  • A hub for campus departments, forming partnerships with faculty and students to foster connections among our campus community. 

  • A connector of campus collections that amplifies the importance of access and preservation of our collections for the people of Colorado and future generations. 

  • A community of museum professionals who work to enhance the standing of academic museums and collections nationally.