In the fall of 2003, a small group of students objected to a series of unscientific national rankings that painted the University of Colorado Boulder with a less-than-desirable brush.

A campus stepping stone inscribed with the word "ACT."

They disagreed with the rankings because the data presented something far different from their own experiences at CU. The students were motivated to take action in the form of an ad campaign. The seeds of the Colorado Creed grew from the success of that campaign. The Creed is a social code of conduct, a lifestyle by which students, faculty, and staff at CU-Boulder live.

The Colorado Creed isn't new in some respects. It was founded in spirit in 1876, and has thrived on the merits of generations of CU students and community members since then. It is based on upholding strong values, making the right decisions, and being responsible for those decisions.