An aerial view of CU Boulder's main campus with the Flatirons beyondThe Conference

The Rocky Mountain Interdisciplinary History Conference (RMIHC) is a unique conference that the University of Colorado's history graduate students plan and organize. RMIHC seeks graduate students from the humanities, arts, and social sciences to create an informed discourse on the past and chart its impact on the present. The principle goal of the conference is to provide graduate students with the opportunity to present their original work among their peers in an atmosphere that is both professional and congenial. The interdisciplinary nature provides outstanding opportunities for students to engage in cross-disciplinary dialogue and to network with fellow graduate students from across the country. Past participants have come from fields as diverse as history, political science, art history, philosophy, anthropology, comparative literature, and theater.

RMIHC mirrors the format and structure of a professional academic conference; each panel features a faculty moderator, a graduate student commentator, and a group discussion. We welcome first-time presenters and more advanced graduate students who wish to prepare for larger conferences. RMIHC combines the high standards of a professional conference with an atmosphere conducive to productive learning, positive feedback, and interdisciplinary discussion.

"RMIHC is a great conference for graduate students. Not only is the conference affordable and Boulder beautiful, but the collegiality of the academic environment created by the RMIHC board, grad student commenters, and faculty panel chairs is generative and constructive. RMIHC was an opportunity for me to present about my summer work, to meet students from other programs around the country, and to engage with scholars in my field and beyond my home institution. Whether you’re nearing dissertation completion or attending your first graduate conference and presenting a seminar paper, I highly recommend RMIHC." 

- Gwendolyn Lockman, PhD Student in the History Department at the UT Austin, RMIHC '19.

"The RMIHC gave me a career. Professor Elizabeth Fenn suggested the topic that eventually became my dissertation when I presented for the 2nd time in 2013. I've made lasting friendship and connections from the RMIHC and cannot emphasis what a gift it is to graduate students."

- Jason Herbert, PhD Student in the History Department at the University of Minnesota, founder of Historians at the Movies (HATM), RMIHC '13.