Mapping Thought and Agency (2:30- 4:00pm) in WOLF 300, Chaired by Leah Powers

Colleen Dunne, University of Colorado, Boulder. "Sarrautean Tropisms: A Step Toward the Consilience of Literature and Science"

Velina Dinkova, University of Colorado, Boulder. “From Speaking in Tongues to Speaking in Terms: Mapping French Ecocritical Thought and its Imagined Realities”

Danica Petrovska, University of Colorado, Boulder. "Womanhood as agency for social change in Sembène’s last two films Faat Kiné (2001) and Moolaadé (2004)"


Panel in French:  Médiatiser la justice sociale (2:30-4:00 pm) in WOLF 304, Chaired by Arianne Margolin

Émile Anceau, New York University. “Le poète doit-il changer d’adresse?”

Natalie Amgott, University of Arizona. "L'enseignement de la justice sociale: une approche interactive pour la classe de langue étrangère"

Juan Jiménez Diaz, University of Colorado, Boulder. " La littérature urbaine à la quête de nouveaux centres : la représentation de l’espace dans Hop là! un deux trois de Gérard Gavarry"




Modern theater (9:00-10:30 am) in WOLF 304, Chaired by Sara Fischer

Ryan Swankie, University of Texas, Austin. “Aesthetic Activism: The Poetics of Stage Direction in 20th Century French Drama”

Keenan Brown, University of Colorado, Boulder. “Hysteria in French Modern Theater”

Valentin Duquet, Syracuse University. “Aimé Césaire’s Caliban Character from ‘Une Tempête’: Black Skin, Indigenous Masks”


Race and the postcolonial world (10:45 am -12:15 pm) in WOLF 304, Chaired by Jocelyn Sutton Franklin

Keturah Nichols, University of Alabama. “Film as Resistance: Buying “Blackness” in Jordan Peele’s Get Out

Martín Ruiz-Mendoza, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.  “The Quest for Memory: New Directions of Testimony in Colombian Contemporary Art”

Elena Docef, Virginia Tech. "Keeping with the beat: how poetry, on paper, and through airwaves, plays a crucial role in political activism in Latin America".


Panel in French (10:45 am- 12:15 pm) in WOLF 305, Chaired by Melissa Trujillo

Adèle Cenier, Tulane University. “Activism in the Banlieue: Mehdi Charef’s and Rachid Djaïdani’s ‘Emergency Literature””

Jodie Miller, University of Tennessee Knoxville.  “La synchronicité de la résistance à travers la mémoire et l’Histoire coloniale chez Assia Djebar dans L’Amour, La Fantasia

Chiara Nifosi, University of Chicago. “Le lyrisme de Saint-John Perse et de René Char”


Feminist activism (1:30- 3:15 pm) in WOLF 304, Chaired by Leah K.S. Holz

Helena Buchmann, University of Kansas. “A Woman’s Problem?: Abortion’s Evolution in Contemporary French Literature”

Jenna Reynolds, University of Alabama. “Vindicación Feminista: Radical Feminism in Post-Franco Spain”

Bethany Schiffman, University of California, Los Angeles. "Marie de France"


Using our position (within and outside of the academy) for activism  (3:30-5:00 pm) in WOLF 304, Chaired by Steph Williams

Liz Allen, University of Colorado, Boulder. “Media Activism: Beyond the #Hashtag”

Lindsey Smith, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Translating Diglossia in Guadeloupe and Martinique”

Alexis Troitzky-Pelletier, University of Colorado, Boulder. "The role of interpretation in influencing reception of artworks: has the pen replaced the sword?"