September's Monthly Ethics & Compliance Education Series will bring you information on the changes that were made to the campus Discrimination and Harassment Policy. The Discrimination and Harassment Policy has been updated in response to the changes made to the system-wide Sexual Misconduct Policy last year.   

In this session, Llen Pomeroy, Assistant Vice Chancellor & Deputy Title IX Coordinator will cover:

  • General overview of the Discrimination and Harassment Policy and what it means to follow it.
  • Key policy changes which mostly center on reporting and jurisdiction. Smaller updates to the definitions of protected class.
  • Why the resolution procedures remain intact at this time.

The Discrimination and Harassment Policy is an important document detailing how to comply with state and federal laws, their implementing regulations and related federal agency guidance. It also provides protections for individuals on campus with an inclusive environment where they can achieve their academic and professional aspirations free from discrimination, harassment, and/or related retaliation based upon protected classes.

Ample time for audience Q&A will be provided at the conclusion of the session.