September’s Monthly Ethics & Compliance Education Series will feature a presentation on Wardenburg Health Services’ holistic approach to confidentiality and compliance with a focus on how FERPA, HIPAA, Colorado state laws, CU regulations and internal Wardenburg policies all work together to ensure the highest standards are maintained when it comes to privacy of health records. 

In their daily work, the staff at Wardenburg place an extraordinary value on acting ethically and with integrity.  Wardenburg's Compliance Coordinator, Jane Huseman and the Director of Finance and Operations, Michele Van Pelt will share insights into the ethical considerations around health records for both students and non-student patients as well as the educational aspect of working with students in the health services setting on our campus. 

This information packed session will support each attendee in developing a baseline understanding the intricacies around patient privacy and provide you with valuable knowledge to better support our students when it comes to referrals and questions surrounding their health decisions.  During the hour session, ample time for audience Q&A will exist to allow for a full review of procedures and resources in place.