CU Vetsville old photo

The History of Vetsville: How CU Housed Thousands of WWII Veterans

Nov. 7, 2022

CU Boulder’s student population nearly doubled as veterans enrolled during the end of World War II.

WAVES performing airplane maintenence

Making Waves

June 1, 2020

Throughout WWII, more than 100,000 WAVES — Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service — took positions at 900 stations in the U.S., freeing men to participate in overseas combat.

Betrayal on Aruba Winds

Betrayal on Aruba Winds

In Tracy Novinger (A&S'62) third book, Betrayal on Aruba Winds, Alissia Aruba Saxton has the life she’s relentlessly pursued. She’s got a high-level job. She’s engaged to be married.

maria krenz

Surviving the Unthinkable

March 1, 2011

Maria Krenz (MSpanLit'77) lived in crowded basements and a laundry basket to escape notice from Nazi soldiers. But hiding her heritage in post-World War II Hungary presented other problems.