fairy circles

Circles in the Sand

Dec. 1, 2017

A CU ecologist tackles a mystery in Africa.

fall scenic

Campus News Briefs - Fall 2017

Sept. 1, 2017

Fraternities, nuclear war and showerhead ecosystems.


Are Mermaids Real?

Sept. 1, 2017

An 8-year-old asks a CU scientist for the hard truth.


Mysteries of the Teenage Brain

June 1, 2017

Teenagers and young adults think and act differently from grownups. CU scientist Marie Banich is helping us see why.

beer can

From Beer, A Better Battery?

March 1, 2017

The brewers are happy to give away dirty water. The PhDs are happy to take it.

3D kidney

Origins: 3D Printing

June 1, 2016

Chuck Hull and the invention of 3D printing.

Amy Cuddy

Of Mind and Matter

June 1, 2016

Amy Cuddy's TED Talk is the second most viewed of all time — and just a taste of what she has to say.

Calliandra haematocephala

Look: Plants

March 1, 2016

About 1,000 plant species, mostly exotic, thrive inside CU-Boulder's 30th Street greenhouse.

Courtnie Paschall

Courtnie Paschall's New Flight Plan

Dec. 1, 2015

For Courtnie Paschall (Neuro, ElEngr’15), working on a drug trial for patients with schizophrenia while applying to 20 MD-PhD programs counts as light duty.

Joaquin Espinosa

Finding Genes That Fit

Sept. 1, 2013

Ask Joaquin Espinosa what he sees as the key to curing cancer, and he answers with a blend of ancient Chinese philosophy and cutting-edge genetics.