Tom Hornbein

Rarefied Air

Dec. 1, 2013

Fifty years ago, Tom Hornbein made history by being part of the team that put the first American on top of Everest.

Trey Lyons

Diplomatically Speaking: Trey Lyons

Sept. 1, 2013

Concentrating to catch the nuances of each side’s position, Trey Lyons sits at the Geneva International Discussions on the conflict in Georgia. A foreign service officer stationed at the U.S. Embassy in Tbilisi, Trey leads a unit focused on Georgia’s foreign policy and the Russian-occupied Abkhazia and South Ossetia regions.

steve mccarthy

Steve McCarthy

Sept. 1, 2013

hen the Olympic torch is carried through Russia toward the opening of the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Steve McCarthy and his team will have played an important role.

Silvia Pettem

Curious Historian Becomes Cold Case Closer

Sept. 1, 2013

Silvia Pettem is the first to say that it is never too late to start a career. The 66-year-old has spent more than 40 years as an author, writer and historical researcher centered on the city of Boulder, but nearly two decades ago she realized a new passion well into her career — researching cold cases.

Joanne Easely Arnold

First in Class: Joanna Easley Arnold

Sept. 1, 2013

A tribute to Joanne Easely Arnold, a longtime CU-Boulder faculty member and activist for gay and lesbian rights.

Photo of Eric Stough

South Park’s Unsung Genius

Sept. 1, 2013

When animation director and co-producer of South Park Eric Stough started work on the quirky adult sitcom show 16 years ago, he cut out the famous cartoon characters from construction paper.

jessie mosnik

Making a Difference Overseas: Jessie Mosnik

June 1, 2013

Jessie Mosnik has become an expert at packing her suitcases.

Tom Garfinkel sunglasses

Hitting Home Runs for the Community: Tom Garfinkel

June 1, 2013

San Diego Padres chief executive officer Tom Garfinkel always has viewed baseball as a platform to bring people together.

Gregory Hinton headshot

Out West: Gregory Hinton

June 1, 2013

When Gregory Hinton came out as gay in 1975, one of his friends, a theology student, threatened to drive him from Boulder with whips and chains. Thankfully, his most moving memory is of support from his family.

Toshiko Luckow

Resuscitating a Dormant Dream: Toshiko Luckow

March 1, 2013

When Toshiko Luckow graduated in 2010, she was one of the oldest students to earn a medical degree in the history of the University of Colorado.