Heather and Jonathan Arthur

Pulling Stunts with The Arthurs

March 1, 2015

Actors play characters; Heather (Bus’03) and Jonathan Arthur (Bus’03) play actors. They’re stuntmen.

Dora and Friends

Cathy Galeota and Dora the Explorer

March 1, 2015

Few know more about Dora the Explorer, the beloved star character of Nickelodeon’s immensely popular animated television series of the same name, as well as Cathy Galeota (DistSt’87).

1886 Commencement program image

Origins: Co-Education at CU

Dec. 1, 2014

Many of America’s first universities were centuries old by the time they admitted women. At CU-Boulder co-education began early — with the Tyler sisters.

Mike Morrison in Disneyland pirate scene

The Sentinel

Dec. 1, 2014

There's more to Disneyland than meets the eye. Mike Morrison sees it all. Sometimes in a wetsuit.

Chauncey Billups in parking lot

Mr. Big Shot

Dec. 1, 2014

Chauncey Billups, hoops hero and family man, comes home to Colorado.

Seana Steffen

Profile: Seana Steffen

Dec. 1, 2014

Seana Steffen (PhDSoc’02) is making the world a better place one business at a time.

Timmye Pollard and Ted Pollard

Profile: Timmye Pollard

Dec. 1, 2014

When Timmye Pollard (CivEngr’46) and the late Ted Pollard (CivEngr’49) were immersed in a structural design project, they often passed ideas to each other at dinner — drawn on napkins, of course.

Christopher Meloni

Actor Christopher Meloni

Dec. 1, 2014

With his steely blue eyes, sculpted Italian features and brawny physique, let’s just say actor Christopher Meloni (Hist’83) doesn’t have much to worry about in the looks department.

woman on couch eating popcorn holding remote

Origins: TIVO

Sept. 1, 2014

Click a remote or swipe a smartphone — recording television shows on a digital video recorder couldn’t be much simpler these days.

Kelly Graziadei

Leaning In, Facebook-style

Sept. 1, 2014

As a leader at Facebook, Kelly Graziadei (Jour’97) shows that it takes more than social skills to be successful.