Kate Brown

The Governor

June 1, 2015

Oregon’s new leader, Kate Brown, takes charge.

Chad Arnold

Green Grocer of the 21st-Century

June 1, 2015

Chad Arnold and his team at door to door organics are helping to reinvent grocery shopping for the digital age.

Jacqueline Verdier

Jacqueline Verdier and the Selfie Stick

June 1, 2015

The first time Jacqueline Verdier (PolSci’05) saw a selfie stick, last year while visiting a friend in Asia, she laughed.

Stan Garnett

Stan Garnett, Western Lawman

June 1, 2015

District attorney is not a job for the faint of heart. Ask Stan Garnett (Hist’78, Law’82).

Melinda MacInnis

Filmmaker Melinda MacInnis

June 1, 2015

It was from a jeep on a 2008 game drive in Swaziland that Melinda MacInnis (MCreatWrit’97) saw her first wild rhinoceroses, a mother and calf.

liquid nitrogen at concert

Origins: Dry Fogger

March 1, 2015

October 1982. Los Angeles. Ghouls rise from a fog-fingered graveyard and join a zombified Michael Jackson in one of history’s most iconic bits of choreography in the watershed “Thriller” video, a mini-horror flick built around the eponymous hit song.

Phil Watkins Jr. in front of window

The Illuminator

March 1, 2015

Without Phil Watkins Jr. and his family, the world would be a less colorful place. Especially Colorado.

Ryan Heiland

Tea for the Turf

March 1, 2015

Assistant grounds manager Ryan Heiland developed a new way of seeding the campus with microbe-rich compost tea — to stunning effect.

Clark Oldroyd

Navigator Calls to Port

March 1, 2015

Alumni travel director retires after nearly 40 years at CU-Boulder

Rick Trujillo, second from the right

Rick Trujillo, Mountain Runner

March 1, 2015

Running mountain trails was strictly forbidden for CU-Boulder’s track and cross-country athletes in the 1960s. Rick Trujillo couldn't help himself.