1902 Columbia steam surrey

Origins: Motoring

Dec. 1, 2015

The automobile age arrived in Boulder in October 1900, when a visitor rumbled through town on the way to nearby Magnolia.

University of Colorado Hiking Club in High Falls

Then – April 1, 1919

Sept. 1, 2015

The University of Colorado Hiking Club was founded April 1, 1919, to foster “a greater interest in the vast natural beauty that surrounds the University and to furnish an opportunity for the fullest enjoyment of [it].”

CU squad in 1894

Then – Baseball Season, 1894

June 1, 2015

The University of Colorado Boulder played its first intercollegiate baseball game in the spring of 1890. CU defeated the Colorado School of Mines, 5-4, in Boulder.

1886 Commencement program image

Origins: Co-Education at CU

Dec. 1, 2014

Many of America’s first universities were centuries old by the time they admitted women. At CU-Boulder co-education began early — with the Tyler sisters.

Skiers at Chautauqua Mesa Ski Area

Then – January 1949

Dec. 1, 2014

For a short time, still within memory for some Baby Boomers, Boulder had its own ski run: Chautauqua Mesa Ski Area operated from 1949-52 and in 1962.

CU beanie

Buff Beanie

Sept. 1, 2013

From the early 1900s until sometime in the 1960s, freshmen were required to wear distinctive green caps called beanies or “dinks” until Homecoming.

Buffalo coca cola can 1984

Cola Collectible

March 1, 2013

The Sports Beverage Co. of Champaign, Ill., produced Big 8 and Big 10 Football Sports Soda can collections in 1984, but little is known about why they were produced.

Pan Am bag

The Times Were a Changin'

March 1, 2012

The campus climate in 1962 was one of controversy and turmoil amid debates over academic freedom, editorial independence of the student press and a recruiting scandal. Here are some highlights.


It Is What It Is

Dec. 1, 2011

This innovative nose guard patented in 1891 by S. J. Cumnock of Lowell, Mass., was intended to protect the nose, forehead and mouth of a person playing football or a similar sport.

picture of memorabilia

Shall We Dance?

Sept. 1, 2011

A popular custom originating in the 19th century, dance cards resulted from a woman’s social dilemma of choosing dance partners at parties.