dick jessor

Summit of Youth

June 1, 2011

In 1951 professor Dick Jessor arrived in Boulder expecting to “slum for awhile before moving to civilization on either the West or East Coast.” Instead he founded the university’s Institute of Behavioral Science and stayed for six decades.

indian children

Why Inject a Vaccine When You Can Inhale it?

Sept. 1, 2010

A revolutionary inhalable vaccine developed at CU for measles prevention could lead to other inexpensive, easy-to-administer vaccines and save thousands of lives throughout the world.


Pushing for Immunity

Sept. 1, 2010

The way you were born could impact the rest of your life.

brain with parkinsons

Professor Helps Parkinson’s Patients Project Properly

Sept. 1, 2010

An estimated 90 percent of those afflicted with Parkinson’s disease suffer from a diminished sense of how audible their voices are. It leads to problems being heard on the telephone, at the grocery store and in conversations with loved ones.

bolder boulder

You Can Never be Too Smart or Too Thin

June 1, 2010

A couple of years ago a Forbes magazine survey concluded that Boulder was the smartest city in the country. Now comes word from the Gallup Poll that Boulder is the second thinnest.

laurie mathews

Brushing with Destiny

March 1, 2010

Ask Laurie Mathews how many teeth have been cleaned or filled in her one-room dental clinic on the outskirts of Kathmandu, Nepal, and she’ll pull up a spreadsheet and fire off a precise answer — down to the last molar.

stephen headshot

Cyclist Seizes the World

Dec. 1, 2009

Cyclist with epilepsy travels the world spreading awareness with Seize The World Foundation.


There's Something Lurking in My Shower Head

Dec. 1, 2009

Every morning, thousands of people jump in the shower, but many don’t realize the irony of this practice.

chemical atom

Researchers Find Exciting Clues to Epilepsy

Sept. 1, 2009

Chronic seizures caused by traumatic head injuries may be caused by chemicals released by the brain’s immune system to try to repair the injured site, according to CU-Boulder researchers.

carol ryan

Buff Tribute: Carol Eileen Ryan 1944-2009

Sept. 1, 2009

A listener for life.