woman and buffalo ride bike

Force Yourself Off the Couch

June 1, 2013

CU researchers find that people who might perceive exercise as being forced, including athletes, military members or those prescribed an exercise regimen, are still likely to experience reduced anxiety and depression.


Sexual Happiness Lies in Keeping Up With the Joneses

June 1, 2013

Sex apparently is like income. People are generally happy when they keep pace with the Joneses and they are even happier if they get a bit more, according to a study by CU-Boulder associate professor of sociology Tim Wadsworth.

heart health tree

Heart Health Gets Personal

Dec. 1, 2012

For the first time in more than a decade, new therapeutic treatments targeting two types of genetic heart disease affecting an estimated 1 million Americans could hit the market.


Gut Reaction

Sept. 1, 2012

What if your health isn’t solely dependent on what you eat and your genes? Associate professor Rob Knight’s research reveals that bacteria in your body could play a more vital role than previously thought.

nurse graphic

Revolutionary Nurse

Sept. 1, 2012

How did one woman help bring health care to hundreds of thousands of Americans by pioneering the nurse practitioner movement?

mustard's last stand

Three Secret Sins of Boulderites

Sept. 1, 2012

Boulder residents have a reputation for being über health conscious, exercise-crazed and ultra-green. However, who wants to be perfect all the time? Here are three places where Boulderites can be downright sinful.

bottle of morphine

Moving Beyond Morphine

Sept. 1, 2012

Do you suffer from chronic pain like four in every 10 Americans? If so, findings from a CU-Boulder-led research team could change the way chronic pain is treated with drugs such as morphine, which has been around since the 1850s.

julie harbaugh

AIDS Interrupted

June 1, 2012

Molecular virologist Julie Overbaugh has unlocked the mysteries of AIDS by studying sex workers, mothers and babies.


Make Your Calories Count

June 1, 2012

That chocolate bar you just ate may be harder to burn off than you initially thought.

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Shoe Me the Way

June 1, 2012

Before you throw your sneakers away and frolic down running trails barefoot this summer, read this.