duck at varsity lake at CU

Campus Photo of the Week

A duck basks in the fall sun near CU Boulder's Varsity Lake.

Ellison's Ball

Ellison's Ball

On the third floor of Old Main, encased in glass in an exhibition hall chronicling CU Boulder’s distinguished history in space, there’s a football with “Colorado” pressed into the pigskin.

Extinction inscription

LOOK Inscriptions

At CU Boulder, wisdom blares across quads from building faces. We've called out eight notable inscriptions and artworks from around campus.

Interior shot of CU's Macky Auditorium

Then and Now: Macky Auditorium

CU's Macky Auditorium has had some impressive names step onto its stage, including Eleanor Roosevelt and the Dalai Lama.


Then — July 29, 1978

Sept. 1, 2018

Folsom Field hosts the Eagles. The band opened the show with “Hotel California” and concluded with a four-song encore.

Then and Now: Geography Building

Then and Now: Guggenheim Geography

The Guggenheim Geography building served as the Law School until 1958 and was the first privately-funded building on campus.

First day of school photo of students in the UMC

Scenes of CU: First Day of Classes

A new fall semester is officially underway at CU. Check out the plethora of events including the annual CU vs. CSU Rocky Mountain Showdown.

CU Welcomes Class of 2022

CU Welcomes Class of 2022

Volunteers, students and parents worked together to move in CU's class of 2022. Fall Welcome weekend began with move-in on Sunday, Aug.19 and runs through Sept. 1.

Campus Photo of the Week

Campus Photo of the Week

CU's campus is stunning all year round — especially during the summer.