Matt Morris at his new home in Superior

Engineering professor Matt Morris Rebuilds His Home with CU Students

March 4, 2024

He and his family lost everything in the 2021 Marshall Fire.

Brain Music Imagery

The Sound of Science

July 10, 2023

The Brain-Music lab fuses neuroscience with music, technology and engineering. The result? An interdisciplinary community producing revolutionary art grounded in empathy and human connection.

Maggie Grout

Five Questions with Maggie Grout

July 10, 2023

Maggie Grout is the founder and CEO of Thinking Huts, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing global access to education by constructing 3D-printed schools.

Wil Srubar

Microalgae as Bio-Cement

July 10, 2023

CU Boulder spinout Prometheus Materials is becoming a leader in sustainable building materials.

Jim Voss Astronaut Photo

What's In an Astronaut's Phone?

July 10, 2023

Astronaut Jim Voss shares what he uses his phone for most.

stuffed animals

Robot Stuffies, Hypersonic Flight and Dinosaurs

July 11, 2022

News briefs from CU Boulder

Callie Higgins

Materials Engineer Improves 3D-Printed Products

March 11, 2022

NIST’s Callie Higgins was recognized for her invention of a technology that detects and fixes microscopic flaws affecting the reliability of 3D-printed products.

Roe Green

News Tidbits From CU Boulder Fall 2021

Nov. 5, 2021

Alum wins Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics, ancient elephant bone tool discoveries, fish fin inspired designs and more.

Mars simulation

CU Student Embarks on a Simulated Mars Mission

Nov. 5, 2021

PhD student Shayna Hume and her crew of “Red Planet People” found out firsthand what life on Mars could be like by spending two weeks inside a simulated mission.

Recycling Materials

CU Alum Creates AI Robots to Sort Recyclables

July 2, 2021

Matanya Horowitz uses artificial intelligence and robots to streamline recycling.