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Benson Says Give Us Dough or Let Us Go

March 1, 2009

With severe state budget cuts looming, CU President Bruce Benson and other frustrated higher education leaders are asking lawmakers for the flexibility to raise tuition as they feel necessary.


By the Numbers - Spring 2009

March 1, 2009

Numbers and statistics about CU Boulder from the spring 2009 issue.

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NASA Moonstruck with CU

March 1, 2009

CU-Boulder will play a crucial role in NASA’s future explorations of the moon, thanks to two NASA grants totaling $11 million in early January.


Women Take the Lead with Germs

March 1, 2009

Next time you shake your female colleague’s hand, you may want to visit the washroom.

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New Multicultural Sorority Debuts

March 1, 2009

Representing Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, African American, Mexican American and Taiwanese backgrounds, CU’s newest multicultural sorority celebrated its chapter’s emergence on the Boulder campus last fall.

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Alumni College Focuses on Obama

March 1, 2009

Spring will be in full force and the Obama presidency will be four months young.


Clicker Sticker Rings up Change

March 1, 2009

From iPods and Crocs to coffee mugs, it seems everything’s about customizing to your own taste, and junior Jesse Saba has brought this trend to CU classrooms.

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’59ers Jitterbug Their Way to Reunion

March 1, 2009

Recall the magic and memories of the late 1950s during this year’s class of 1959 reunion May 7-8.

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Braddock Peak Named for Prof

March 1, 2009

After spending his life making maps of Colorado’s Front Range, professor emeritus William Braddock now appears in them.

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Students Look to Alumni in Tough Times

March 1, 2009

Students tend to think their college years are “crazy” and that the “real world” starts after graduation, but Erlinda Kiefel Stafford says the adventure continues long after you receive your diploma.