lelia hinkley

China Exhibit Features Revolution

March 1, 2009

When Lelia Hinkley arrived in Peking, China, in 1921, she was greeted by a famine that placed nearly 20 million Chinese teetering on the brink of starvation.

michelle obama rally

Alumni College Focuses on Obama

March 1, 2009

Spring will be in full force and the Obama presidency will be four months young.

hasher queens

’59ers Jitterbug Their Way to Reunion

March 1, 2009

Recall the magic and memories of the late 1950s during this year’s class of 1959 reunion May 7-8.

alumni stufent networking

Students Look to Alumni in Tough Times

March 1, 2009

Students tend to think their college years are “crazy” and that the “real world” starts after graduation, but Erlinda Kiefel Stafford says the adventure continues long after you receive your diploma.

ruth helm

Buff Tribute: Ruth Helm 1934-2008

March 1, 2009

Life is not for sissies.

christy arguello

Arguello Courts Success

March 1, 2009

In seventh grade Christy Martinez Arguello decided she wanted to be a lawyer.

trevor martin

Profile: Trevor Martin

March 1, 2009

As on-site reporter for MTV’s Choose or Lose campaign at the Democratic National Convention last summer, Trevor Martin ’s reporting gig wasn’t about taking notes in a traditional reporter’s notebook with an editor waiting back at the office.

gordon fink

Living the James Bond Life

March 1, 2009

Gordon attended CU on a Naval ROTC scholarship and commissioned, graduated and married within a 24-hour period in June 1958.