Published: March 18, 2021

Chip with two kids and a womanWhen Christine Hylbert and her late husband Peter Dietze (A&S’59; Law’62) joined ForeverGold, they were in search of the sense of campus belonging they once had. 

“We wanted to have fun and pretend we were still students,” said Hylbert. “We had many friends who had close ties to CU and wanted to continue to support and be a part of the university.”

For the alumni, parents and CU friends who have joined ForeverGold, it has delivered an integral and intimate connection with the campus through exclusive academic, athletic and social activities like symposiums, retreats, tailgates, behind-the-scenes campus tours and more.

“You learn everything that you never knew about CU,” said ForeverGold member Lynne Barnett (Edu’69).

ForeverGold is a campus movement composed of two former CU Boulder Alumni Association groups: over 1,000 Directors Club members and over 2,000 Lifetime Members.

“Everyone is just fabulous,” said Barnett. “Every time you get together with alums on a committee or at a party, they all have the same interest of supporting CU. It’s just a common spirit.”

Both social and philanthropic, ForeverGold works to support the future of the university on both the individual student level — 12 scholarships are awarded a year — and a grander scale. So far, ForeverGold members have given more than $220 million to scholarships, capital improvements and programs to impact CU Boulder.

In the coming year, ForeverGold is focused on outreach to new members, expanding events and programs, and increasing scholarship endowments to offer additional student scholarships.

“ForeverGold is not just an organization, but a movement with the goal of continuing to move CU forward,” said ForeverGold President Colin Finch (PolSci’05). “We are always looking for individuals to join, so please get involved!” 

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