Published: March 11, 2022

Screencap of Ben Capeloto's iphoneBen Capeloto (AeroEngr’22) is president of internal affairs and one of the CU Boulder Student Government (CUSG) tri-executives. Last semester, he and his co-presidents helped organize the BuffStreet on The Hill events, a series of public student concerts. In his career, Capeloto hopes to work on rockets or satellites.

How soon after waking up do you look at your phone? If I have a lot to do that day, I will leave it for 20 to 30 minutes, but oftentimes I will look right away.

Last person you called? My roommate. We live on University Street a block away from CU.

Duration of longest call last week? 12 minutes. 

Location/situation of last selfie? The Denver Museum of Nature and Science for a conference about Colorado aerospace.  

The main thing you use your phone for? Communication with friends and work colleagues, always via text and phone call.

Lock screen or background image? My dog, Lily! A 6-year-old Black Mouth Cur.

How many hours were you on your phone last week? Probably more than 30, unfortunately.  

Oldest photo on your phone? The same roommate I called last. It’s a photo of him from his birthday at a restaurant in 2010.


iPhone 12 with a Casetify case that has an astronaut on it.

Most-used Apps

Spotify, Instagram, Reddit

Spotify, Instagram, Reddit

Most-used Emoji

loudly crying emoji

The crying face

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Photo courtesy Ben Capeloto