Published: Jan. 13, 2022

By Stephen Fairchild (A&S'63)

(Archibald Publications, 358 pages; 2021)

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Lady Daimyo and The Silver Lining Curse

It’s 2002, and Natsu Nashakatani is a brilliant, driven woman with an unusual heritage and education. Mentored by respected Japanese business scions, she discovers her life’s purpose and learns from The Art of War, the samurai code, Shakespeare and Deming.
Her aspiration—become the first woman daimyo to unify and lead a successful global technology business. Deceptions and controlling certain technologies are crucial to her efforts.
She encounters seemingly impossible obstacles—cultural prejudices, betrayals, a technology curse, and powerful adversaries including the yakuza, colleagues, relatives, a corrupt real estate mogul, and Pug James.
Can Natsu marshal her talents and allies to do what no other Japanese woman has accomplished?

Author S. J. Fairchild brings us part two of this mystery rife with espionage, corruption, betrayals, and tragic consequences