By Published: Dec. 21, 2021

If an article opens with a hook, you can emphasize it with the Lead block style. 

vertical imageSome articles are only accompanied with one usable image. If that image is not able to be used as a banner image, the builder can instead insert a vertical image and align it to the left of the copy. It is recommended to select feature layout for these builds. 

Pull quotes are bolded for emphasis and styled with the block-quote tool. The shortcode "callout" (in brackets) is used to set the quote in the margin.

Post-article Features

A feedback button goes at the bottom of every article, followed by photo credits. An example is found beneath the sample text of this template. The button can be inserted at the bottom of the Body of the article if there is nothing in the Inner Content Bottom block of the page layout. In the case of a gallery, insert the feedback button in a new Text Block below it. 

Filler Text

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