Published: Nov. 5, 2021 By

In March 2020, workers and students across the country left behind familiar spaces and routines to protect each other and their communities. Many thought a return to normalcy was a few weeks or months away. Twenty months later, some of those spaces and routines are apparitions of the past. Amid the COVID-19 delta variant surge, CU Boulder students have reflected on what resilience looks like to them, where it comes from and what it demands.

Today, resilience is a bittersweet reality; a skill, or perhaps a latent ability, that surfaced as a matter of necessity and survival. In this issue, you’ll read about the fruits of resilience — the triumphs, the challenges and the self-revelations of various communities at CU Boulder.

Wherever you’re headed this winter, tuck the Coloradan in a pocket and read about the state’s first licensed outdoor preschool, color-changing tattoos, the history of camping, a trip to Mars (in the U.S.) — and meet Ralphie VI.

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