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A PhD student and Microsoft research fellow, Morgan Klaus Scheuerman (PhDInfoSci’21) has worked with companies like Facebook and Google to spot social issues within technology design. His work explores how social identities like race and gender are represented in algorithms and other technical infrastructures. 

Model: Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra with a card case and a cat-shaped keyring

How soon after waking up do you look at your phone?
I use my phone as my alarm, but most of the time I look at it and then hit snooze immediately — at least five times!

Duration of longest call last week?
Eighteen minutes with a journalist discussing AI ethics work.

Where was the location of your last selfie? 
At home, with my cat on my chest. I take a lot of selfies and a lot of cat photos. Anytime my cat graces me with his cuddles, I have to take a picture.

The main thing you use your phone for? 
Probably chatting on different apps. My phone is mostly a social connection tool for me. But I do doomscroll quite a bit, sadly.

Lock screen or background image?
I am a nerd, so both my backgrounds are from nerdy media. My lock screen is a fanart of Thanatos from the video game Hades, and my home background is a fanart from Full Metal Alchemist. 

How many hours were you on your phone last week?
I don’t even want to think about this!

Most-Used Apps: Gmail, Twitter, Slack


Most-used emoji: 

Thinking face emoji





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Photo courtesy of Morgan Klaus Scheuerman