Published: July 2, 2021 By

Maria Kuntz HeadshotThe COVID-19 pandemic illuminated social inequities as the ubiquity of phones and digital media focused attention on interrelated issues including racial injustice, gender, voting rights, gun violence and access to health care and education. 

These challenges gave rise to another topic that ancient philosophers, modern researchers and CU students have sought to better understand: leadership. 

While there is an eagerness to return to “normal,” new types of leaders are emerging to usher forth the future as it unfolds.

In this issue, we examine leadership research, education and practice through CU’s Center for Leadership and explore one alumna’s dedication to Colorado’s future luminaries. I invite you to read these, plus stories about an unlikely book-turned-movie, robot-fueled sustainability and the power of lullabies. 

The challenges of the past year will not resolve quickly, but Forever Buffs instill hope for a brighter future.

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