Published: April 5, 2021

The Young Woman's Guide to Starting a Fulfilling Career 

By Nancy Wilhelms (Art'71)

(WestGroupone, Inc. DBA Smoke Tree Press, 184 pages; 2021)

Buy the Bookgreen book cover with a leaping silhouette and the words "Yes! You Can Do It! The Young Woman's Guide to Starting a Fulfilling Career" by Nancy Wilhelms

Spilling into a technology-dependent job market impacted by economic, environmental and social change, today's female college graduates confront a wide variety of challenges in starting their careers. Yes! You Can Do It! is the right book at the right time.

In this refreshing new how-to career guide, Nancy Wilhelms offers inspiring stories, seasoned advice, simple workbook exercises and personal success profiles helping you to:

  • find the right career fit in any economy.
  • learn from the real-world experiences of seven successful women and the important lessons that kept them moving forward.
  • elevate yourself from other applicants to start a career and life path that is fulfilling, adventurous and fun.

It contains tools and worksheets, as well as advice and good stories. If you are looking to start your career...start here!