Published: Jan. 21, 2021

By H. B. Finkelstein (A&S'53)

(Independently Published, 146 pages; 2018) Adventures and Travels of a Poor Chemist Cover

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I kept busy as a fund raiser for what I believed worthy places. Often these places were a big disappointment, so I went to help families I knew in great need. This work put me in touch with many people. Once I was visiting a rather rough neighborhood and I felt I was being followed. Was I relieved when out of nowhere a large dog joined me and we continued safely together. In Denmark Fritz Schor, the owner of several companies, gave me an auto. Hashem should bless all the good people I met—there were many.I became interested in my own religion from questions I wasn’t equipped to answer, to put it mildly. So, from age 40 until today, I spend time studying and learning from the vast Hebrew literature and joining lectures and discussions. When I became involved in a family case at Cannon Beach involving a dangerous cultist, I found religious Christians who were best informed and helped. Sam Foster, a journalist, had a cabin by the beach. He was most warm and helpful. He pulled out many articles on the subject of Haystack Rock and said he believes in two possibilities: Steve was murdered at the beach or before he even came to the beach. I felt the police and authorities knew it was true. I did not continue the case because I felt there could very likely be another killing of an innocent person—an evil climate and threats. The guilty will pay in the World of Truth. I spoke with a noted rav about certain signs and dreams which he explained tell us Steve is in a very good place in the World of Truth. Experts, Jewish and others, agree the story of his murder has religious and political lessons.One of the teachings and principles of the Holy Writings is called “mida kneged mida”, or measure for measure. Sometimes the difficulties we face start because we neglected our obligations. It does not seem to matter if we did not understand or are just stubborn or forgetful. Some things in history can be understood by keeping mida kneged mida in mind.