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After COVID-19 hit, it didn’t take long for Corey Cappelloni (Law’04) to tire of video chat. He wanted to see his Nana — Ruth Andres, 98 — face-to-face. In June, Corey ran 220 miles from Washington, D.C., to Scranton, Pennsylvania, in seven days to see her. He also raised over $25,000 in his Run for Ruth campaign for the Allied Services Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, where his Nana lives. 

Corey Cappelloni running

What's your normal running routine?

When I am not training for an ultra-marathon, I typically only run about 35 to 50 miles per week, sometimes less. 

What's the biggest challenge in a multi-day run like this?

The lack of mental and physical recovery time, and the need to wake up early the next morning while finding the strength to push through another ultra on tired legs.

How’s your Nana since the run?

We made a picture book for her documenting Run for Ruth, and she still talks about how much she appreciated the run when we talk multiple times per week. On Aug. 25, I gave her another surprise. I appeared on the “Kelly Clarkson Show,” and I coordinated with her facility Allied Services to surprise her with my appearance on the show. The residents on her floor enjoyed watching the show while eating a Run for Ruth cake.

How did it feel raising over $25,000?

The community support for my grandmother, other Allied residents and the heroic staff was so uplifting during a time of madness and hardship. Donations came in from family, colleagues, friends and complete strangers, and are still coming in at The words of encouragement connected to the donations helped me stay motivated as I pushed through the miles.

What's next for you?

After the pandemic subsides, I would love to go on a multi-day trek in Patagonia or a gorilla trek in Rwanda or Uganda.

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Photo courtesy Corey Cappelloni