Published: June 1, 2020

Tom Zeiler is a CU Boulder professor of history and director of the international affairs program. He writes on World War II, international economy, and sports and diplomacy. He also teaches the campus’s popular “America Through Baseball” course.

Tom Zeiler pictured in a cellphone

How soon after waking up do you look at your phone?
Within an hour, if I remember.

Would you rather text or call someone?
Either way, but lean toward call — my fingers always hit the wrong keys while I text. Steve Jobs plagues me.

Location of last selfie?
Deer Valley, a Utah ski resort.

The last baseball-related photo you’ve taken?
Coors Field, September game.

Last person you called?
My spouse, Rocio.

First thing you’d do if you lost your phone for a day:
Probably rejoice, then go to the computer.

Does anyone else have your passcode?
Everyone has my passcode, including people who I’ve worked with, just like everyone knows where the key to our house is.

App you wish you had the inner strength to delete?
MarketWatch — why do I care about the Dow Jones average? It’s gone wild for years anyway and doesn’t seem to indicate how the real economy is going.

Duration of longest call last week?
Two hours, with my mom.

Most-used apps: 

The New York Times

New York times app

The Score         

The Score app

Colorado Public Radio

Colorado Public Radio app

Most-used emoji: 

smiley face




Photo by Glenn Asakawa