Published: June 1, 2020

Christie Sounart My first Zoom meeting from home did not go well in the early days of COVID-19.

I was afraid to turn on my camera and let people see the disarray of my Monday morning — my son screaming from his highchair for more banana, the worry on my face, the dishes on the kitchen counter.

But when I saw the same from everyone else — a cat dart across the screen, a pajama-clad partner in the background — I felt relief in the confusion. We were in it together. For many of us, CU Boulder kept us going.

You are our reason. A Forever Buffs family of more than 300,000 who share a common experience: this campus, this city, our people.

Who else understands what it’s like to see the Flatirons from a classroom window, sneak in a nap on the Norlin Quad or feel that rush every time Ralphie dashes across Folsom Field?

This university is nothing without you, Buffs. I hope a story or two stands out in this issue to show you that we’re a strong bunch — and we will prevail.