Published: Oct. 25, 2019

by Troy Rappold (Comm'90)
(Credo House Publishers, 2019; 158 pages)

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Learn to Walk Try to Fly coverFrom Chapter 1
"Over the years I have come to appreciate the metaphors of walking and flying to describe the journey of faith, and I wrote this book using these metaphors to explain what happens when we invite God to be part of our daily lives. When we take a step of faith toward God, he shares himself with us, and in the end we discover that loving God, and being loved by him, is what we were longing for all along. He becomes an unmistakable part of our lives and he reveals the answers to the many questions we might have come to think were unanswerable: Why did he create us in the first place? Does he have a hand in the shaping of our lives? Does he really love us? These are important questions, and the answers are found when we walk with God by faith. Those who are willing to take God at his word become the ones who possess a spiritual life that flies high and far."