By Published: March 10, 2019

Nicholas Defaria looks at his lamps he created

Let There Be Light

When Nicholas DeFaria (EnvDes’19) designed and built three high-end lamps for his “Introduction to Digital Design & Fabrication” course, he already knew where they would hang: In his soon-to be born baby’s bedroom.

His classmates were planning to auction their lamps at an environmental design department gala in April, to raise money for the program.

The lamps were featured in CU’s Red Room Gallery throughout November.

Students used tools such as 3D printers, laser cutters and CNC milling machines, along with computer software, to design and assemble stylish and functional light fixtures using LED bulbs or strips.

“Over time this ‘digilamp’ assignment has turned into somewhat of a happening,” said Marcel de Lange, who teaches the course.

In truth, he said, it’s more than a mere introduction to design. It gives students the opportunity to learn by doing, and to follow their vision from concept to design to product.

“The idea that you can learn how to design a house or a piece of furniture or a lamp from a book or theory alone is somewhat archaic in today’s world of design-thinking and design-making,” he said.

Photo by Angus MacInnis (Arch'20)