The bug who thought he lost his buzz book cover

By Kristen C. Barnett (MEdu’00)
(Ingram Sparks, 45 pages; 2018)

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The Bug Who Thought He Lost His Buzz is part of a series of children's books and products aimed at helping parents talk through real life scenarios with their young children (2-7), topics such as serious illness, bullying, adoption, disabilities, moving or losing a pet. In the first book, Bugsy, the bee, no longer feels his buzz, so, he goes to the hospital to see what is the matter. When he gets examined by Doc Fuzz, he soon learns he has the Big Bad Beast. Like many bees, he begins asking the tough questions, such as why this is happening to him. Luckily God and his family is by his side to support Bugsy through the journey. The book helps parents and guardians talk to their own “little bees” about being diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Currently, Kristen lives in Colorado with her husband Phil, her daughter Ryley, and her dog Mugsy. She feels blessed God gave her the guidance, the life experiences, the love and respect for God’s little ones, and the words to write the Watts Bugging You? Series. She prays God’s heart will shine through her words and will reach the hearts of the young angels and parents who need the messages the most.

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