By Jordan Lipp (PolSci, Econ’00) and Heather Lipp

(Jordan Lipp, 207 pages; 2018)

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Apple Juice Book coverIs there apple juice in my wine? My wine bottle says both “no sulfites added,” and “contains sulfites” – both statements can’t be right, can they? And, why is it perfectly legal to ship wine to Colorado – but a felony (more serious than physically assaulting someone) to ship wine to Kentucky? And, how did it happen that the United States shares the highest legal minimum drinking age along with Equatorial Guinea and Sri Lanka?

The laws in the United States impact every aspect of enjoying and consuming wine. This book, written for wine lovers, not lawyers or bureaucrats, tells the facts behind 38 laws that affect the wine you drink. The popular wine writers behind the 10kbottles blog, Heather and Jordan Lipp, provide an entertaining, humorous and illuminating journey through the morass of bizarre laws on all aspects of wine. So, open up a bottle of what you think is 100% Chardonnay (though 25% of it likely contains some cheap grape you’ve never heard of), and read on.