Organized proverbs book coverBy Rob Stites (MBaSci’86)

(CreateSpace, 200 pages; 2016)

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In Rob Stites updated edition of Organized Proverbs: Contrasts in Wisdom from the Holy Bible, readers are invited to apply the wisdom from the book of Proverbs, organized by topic, to their own personal lives. This topical organization, from the open source New English Translation (NET) Bible®, has expanded workbook pages to help readers record their thoughts from their personal study. The workbook divides the proverbs into 19 contrasting themes such as wisdom versus vs. folly, humility vs. pride, parents vs. children, rich vs. poor, or speaking vs. listening. Each chapter begins with an introductory meditation on the contrasting topics and ends with space for answering questions for personal application and discussion. As you thoughtfully consider these maxims, your insights on the meaning of individual proverbs will become clearer and your life will change as you apply Godly wisdom to daily situations, explains the author. A complete numeric index provides the page number of each proverb in its original biblical order for reference.