By Graydon “Dee” Hubbard (Acct’55)

(Daniel & Daniel Publishers, 480 pages; 2018)

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Altar of Money book coverSet in New York City, Denver and the mountains of Colorado, the Bahamas, and the Scottish Highlands, Graydon “Dee” Hubbard’s novel At the Altars of Money captures an American ethos about money and scripts the financial meltdown of 2008. Join Kelly, Arthur, Fran, and Hamish in a provocative romp through America's dollar-dominated culture. A fiery and uncompromising SEC attorney, Kelly seeks truth. Scion of a philandering vice president of Coca-Cola, Arthur is mired in mediocrity. Predisposed to taking risks, free-spirited Fran moves up on Wall Street, outperforming male colleagues in money management and in racquetball. Iconoclastic, identity conflicted, emotionally scarred, and riddled with insecurities, Hamish masters the universe of securities trading models. With this small band of merry men and women, Hamish pulls off an audacious crime of compassion to conclude the book with a surprising twist.