By Lisa M. Wolfe (Psych’90)

(Cascade Press, 264 pages; 2011)

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Ester book coverRuth, Esther, Songs of Songs and Judith is a lively commentary that encompasses four major books focusing on women in the Hebrew Bible and Apocrypha. Each section in the volume addresses the biblical text in detail, and draws connections from the world of ancient audiences to that of present-day readers. Wolfe's research is motivated by the usual inquiries of biblical scholarship, as well as the questions raised by the many church Bible study groups she has taught. Clergy and laity, students and scholars will benefit from these contemporarily relevant reflections on Ruth, Esther, Song of Songs and Judith.This volume is an opportunity to engage these women's suspense-filled stories, which have sustained faith communities since ancient times. Lisa Wolfe is also the author of a DVD Bible study series Uppity Women of the Bible which is a companion to this book, available online.


Ruth: The foreign widow who sneaks onto the nighttime threshing floor to find survival for herself and her devastated mother-in-law.
Esther: The Jewish orphan-turned-queen who turns Persian banqueting on its head in an effort to defend her people.
Song of Songs: The proud and alluring lover who claims her sexuality as her own and joyfully shares it with her beloved.
Judith: The pious and beautiful widow who lets the enemy commander's appetite become his downfall in order to save her besieged city.