Published: June 1, 2018 By

Phil DiStefano

What’s Next?    

We’ve been hearing about a program called CU Boulder Next. What is it?

We are connecting with alumni, donors, parents and prospective students in cities across the United States in an ambitious program that explores the questions “What will CU Boulder look like 5, 10 or 20 years from now? What will our students, research and discoveries look like?”

How are you answering those questions?

Through TED-style talks and breakout sessions. We are joined by some of the university’s most innovative and creative faculty and students to showcase the people, research and advancements propelling us as we develop tomorrow’s leaders, become a leading innovation university and impact humanity in unprecedented ways.

What can people expect to learn?

Faculty are demonstrating how engineering can solve modern medical challenges, the future health and human safety benefits of satellite imaging and how art helps explain the world around us — to name just a few. This spirit of innovation clearly filters to our students, and we hear from them on how they are already impacting humanity! It’s inspiring.

What will your future students look like?

They are showing us they want to be adaptable and flexible, prepared as 360-degree employees, citizens and leaders. They want to spread their wings and see how far they can fly. That’s why we have minors and certificates in business, leadership, entrepreneurship, technology, arts and media, and even a space minor open to all students. But what will be the expectations of the next generation of students? At CU Boulder Next we explore the future of learning and teaching.

Where can I go to see CU Boulder Next?

It’s an eight-city, six-state tour through 2021, with stops in San Francisco, Houston, New York, Chicago and of course, Denver and Boulder. You can find the full schedule at This year we’ve been to Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. These are all places where we have a lot of alumni, supporters and current and prospective students and parents.

What has been the response to CU Boulder Next?

The programs have been very well attended, and our audiences have been enthusiastic about what’s next for CU Boulder. They have been fascinated by the work and discoveries of our students and faculty. For me, I get to talk with alumni and friends old and new, and I look forward to seeing more in the coming months.

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Illustration by Melinda Josie