By Tracy Novinger (A&S'62)Betrayal on Aruba WInders

(CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 356; 2018)

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In Tracy Novinger's (A&S'62) third book, Betrayal on Aruba Winds, Alissia Aruba Saxton has the life she’s relentlessly pursued. She’s got a high-level job. She’s engaged to be married. Everything is unfolding according to the careful, responsible plan by which she has always lived.

Beneath the surface of Alissia’s apparently perfect life lies deep and abiding guilt sparked by events from her childhood. During the dangerous days of World War II, Aruba had seemed like a peaceful paradise, but when German intelligence focused on the tiny island’s little-known role in helping Allied forces, Aruba was destined to be drawn into the conflict. The war left a disturbing legacy in Aruba, which led to the later death that still tugs at Alissia’s conscience.

A captivating tale of one person’s journey to face childhood ghosts, Betrayal on Aruba Winds transports readers to a time before Aruba became a modern-day tourist destination. Readers will not forget that it is one’s perception that becomes one’s reality and that WWII reached Aruba.