Published: June 1, 2017

Cover of Spring Coloradan

Yellow Grass 

Another great issue of the Coloradan. I loved every page. Nice job. I especially loved the cover photo. The yellow grass brings me back to CU territory.

Gary Meehan (MArch’76)
Goffstown, N.H.

Drumm's Maps 

Very interesting article on Henry Drumm [Origins, Spring 2017]. I have used his old maps of Lafayette.

Peter Johnson (CivEngr’79)
Lafayette, Colo.


My name is Amparo Humphrey and I'm a CU Boulder alumna. I'm appalled at the coverage — a full two pages — that the Coloradan has given to Gorsuch in its Spring 2017 issue [“NOW,” inside cover]. Gorsuch is known for being a far-right conservative, popular with the Federalist Society and the Heritage “hard right groups.” If CU prides itself on being a liberal, open-minded institution, Mr. Gorsuch's whereabouts should've been left out.

Amparo Humphrey (Span’85; MA’89)
Arvada, Colo.

CU in the Family

I really enjoyed your article about legacy families [“CU in the Family,” Spring 2017], especially since it featured my family, the Miles. My grandmother was Alice Miles Pike. Her brother was Leslie Miles, Martin B. Miles' father. Another brother (also Martin) received his M.D. at CU and taught on the medical school faculty in 1901. I can remember, as a small child, being annoyed at having to stay dressed up after church because we were going to have lunch at the Sunken Gardens (i.e. The Sink) 

Nancy Pike Hause (Jour’53)
Lawrence, Kan.

Letter to Paul Danish 

I always look forward to your column. The Winter 2016 one [“The Album”] brings back great memories. Remember when Judy Collins, whom you mentioned, used to play in The Attic, the little basement coffee shop on Broadway? Another memory: Sitting next to you in Prof. Malich's econ class. I sat behind the late, great Buddy Werner in poli sci. I flunked out that year, but you hung in there. 

Guy Wood (Jour'67)
Angel Fire, N.M.