Published: May 5, 2015

Charlie’s PrideBy Dee Hubbard (Acct’55)
(Daniel & Daniel Publishers, 192 pages; 2015)

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Charlie, the proud hero of this strong and gripping story, is known to his fellow truckers, loggers, and fishermen as Hawk. His father, a full-blooded Hupok, taught him his Indian heritage; his Scots-Irish mother gave him a lifelong love of reading. He feels connected to both roots, but he is most himself when he’s by himself, out in the forest, on the banks or in the flow of his beloved Klamath River. The language in this novel is lush and romantic. Lots of thoughtful philosophy is verbalized in internal thoughts and stream of consciousness. In the mix we are treated to solid information on fly fishing, trucking, logging, the marijuana industry and most of all the ecology of the forests and rivers of the California far north, a land that still enjoys wildness.